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This review from August 3, 2018 is for Neotheric #1 and #2 as they appeared on the COMICHAUS app.

Finally got round to installing the Comichaus app today – and instantly regretted not doing it sooner. The very first book I picked, pretty much at random, is fantastic! First up, this is not an all-ages read – there’s violence and swearing a-plenty, so if you’re under like 10 or whatever (when do they start swearing and playing inappropriate games these days?), you shouldn’t be reading this…Seriously though, it has a “Mature” explicit rating so save it for later kids; there are plenty of cool all-ages books out there for you. Right, on with the (no spoilers) review. Something that used to right-royally yank my tatlocks was a cover that hooked you in and made you buy a book that was a load of old turd on the inside – I’m very happy to report that this bad boy is 100% on the button; the cover looks just like the internal art. Which, in case you’re wondering, is freakin’ awesome!"

This review from September 24, 2020 is for the Neotheric graphic novel which collects issues #1 - #4.

"Sixty-five million years ago, dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the Earth.
Yesterday, four of them came back -- crash landing into the Mayberry-esque town of Riverside Junction in the same ship that took them away millennia ago.
But NEOTHERIC: THE RETURN OF THE KING is no mere JURASSIC PARK. These dinosaurs are the descendents of the originals, and they've had eons to evolve into sentience, even if their attitudes and appetites have remained bestial. Writer Michael T. Gonzalez lampoons multiple sci-fi and fantasy tropes in this graphic novel volume collecting the first four issues of NEOTHERIC."
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This review of six:eight Chapter One from April 25, 2021 is from the Comical Opinions website.

“Whoa! We did not see this coming.


Indie comics are like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get. This book was surprising for just how creepy, atmospheric, and fear-inducing it turned out. The writing is very minimal without leaving too much unsaid, so there’s a strong reliance on letting the art tell the story, and it works well.


The art elevates this story beyond it’s already creepy premise with a sketchy, rotoscope texture and the most deft use of blurring to provide emphasis and focus we’ve ever seen. Some artists will cheat by lowering the art quality around the focal point of a panel to draw the reader’s eye, and that technique usually winds up looking rushed or unfinished. Here, Byrns does it right by keeping the drawing consistent and filtering around the focus to make the elements pop even more.

This is a great start to a horror story with surprisingly well done art and writing that hits the sweet spot for eliciting an emotional reaction."

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These are notes from The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard on why he chose six:eight Chapter One as the 2018 Horror Comic of the Year.

"" Ok read everything… and the winner is…SIX:EIGHT! Out of the shortlist I read, it was the book that had the strongest combination of art and story - something I look for always - if it’s not 50/50 story/art, then it’s failing as a comic. On top of that the art style was gloriously textural and atmospheric, which worked well with the downbeat seedy nature of the story. Nice subtle touches too… stuff that stays with you well after you read the book. It’s always hard for print media to compete with film and TV when doing horror, since that medium can capitalise on tension and the jump scare due to its format, so comics etc have to seek out other ways to scare the reader - imagery, concept - and Six:Eight achieves that really well."
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This audio review of six:eight Chapter One from March 25, 2022 is from the Amazing Action Comics Podcast.


The reviewers begin talking about the book at the 30 minute mark.

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This review of Book of Legend #1 is from August 8, 2021 on the Comical Opinions website.

“To be blunt, this is one of the best short-story anthologies we’ve read in a very long time. It’s one of the best because every page, every panel counts. There’s no fluff, meandering, or dreaded “decompressed storytelling.” The stories get right to the point with a setup, a journey, and the hardest-hitting ending possible. Sometimes the stories are thought-provoking. Sometimes the endings made me laugh with the surprise twist. But every story does what a story should — elicit an emotional reaction."

This review of Book of Legend #1 is from July 24, 2021 on the Super Serious Comics website.

"Book of Legend (BoL) is a sci-fi anthology featuring 9 short comic stories which range from blistering action shorts to thought-provoking, dystopian tales. The stories within offer a great array of different artwork, distinct writing styles, and unique subject matter.

What I particularly like about the anthology is the mix of action and dialogue throughout, with several short pieces consisting of primarily or solely action sequences; a refreshing departure from our reliance on words to tell a story. Despite the different subject matter and the relatively short length of most of the stories, this anthology reads easily, getting right to the heart of each story’s crisis point very quickly and lingering at the final panel with the closing twist."

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This review of Epic of Darkness #1 is from July 4, 2023 on the Comical Opinions website.

"EPIC OF DARKNESS #1 sets the stage for Michael T. Gonzalez’s talents as a horror [writer], employing multiple artists to bring each short (or chapter) to life in gory detail. True to form, anthologies have a reputation for containing some hits, some misses, and a few in between. Thankfully, this anthology is more hit than miss, so you’re bound to find something here you like."
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